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The Story of T&C

An Evolving Dream of Good Food that's Good For You

My name is Bailey Cooper and I'm the creator behind T&C. When I began this journey in Portland, OR it was during a time of uncertainty, a year where I didn't know when my next paycheck was coming or when the world would return to normal.

This started out of a small apartment kitchen, dropping cookies off at people's doors. Starting the journey of food opened my eyes to a world of allergens, organics, and chemicals.

Since then T&C has evolved into a farm-to-table wellness bakery in Knoxville, TN with organic, natural ingredients. As well as developing a micro-farmstead in the city of Knoxville where I grow herbal teas, seasonal ingredients, and more.

Whenever I'm not baking for a pop-up or special order, I love being outside. My family goes on weekly walks where we explore Knoxville, our new hometown, and experience a new lifestyle. I also enjoy writing, eating, watching a new tv show, and experiencing different cultures.

Come check out a pop-up or explore the T&C blog!

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