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Where Can You Find Me?

I will update this with new events as they get confirmed! Check in to see where you can find me every month.

December 2 : Christmas Market in Wartburg Noon-5
December 3 : Ijams Holiday Market 10-4
December 9 : Clinton Cookie Crawl 10-5
December 21-22 : Christmas Box Delivery/Pickup
December 23 : Bakery Closed til Jan 8th!

About T & C

Where we celebrate the little things in life

I created Treats & Chill to be an allergy friendly bakery that focused on farm fresh ingredients. Over time it grew to a farm-to-table approach. I moved from Portland, Oregon to an acre in Knoxville, Tennessee to build a mini farm and pursue that dream. My focus as a company now is to be sustainable in my food practices, while giving people the chance to learn how to be sustainable themselves. Life is all about learning. I learn everyday how to be a better company and how to better the environment around us. All while baking delicious dairy and gluten free desserts.

This company started out as a daydream.

In a small apartment, dreaming of building a company I can be proud of. A company to sustain me and my family, while spreading joy through food. We all deserve to celebrate even the little things in life.

And now, every day I am proud to say,

it's not a dream anymore.

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