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How To Live Dairy Free

So, you think you need to switch to a dairy free diet? Think it may be doing more harm than good? In most cases, yes it is. In my life I ate dairy all the time, up until I graduated from high school. Cheese, fondue, pasta, mac & cheese, milkshakes, you name it I most likely ate it. It wasn't until I graduated that I realized I had an allergy to milk, not just an intolerance. My mom had it too, and so did her father. We all had a hereditary allergy that took years of testing and elimination diets to figure out.

My mom was the one who made the journey of discovery. Her allergy was the worst. After going to the doctors, having tests after tests done, and being told "it was all in her head", she took matters into her own hands and began an elimination diet.

At first we tried getting rid of gluten, since lots of people were affected by that. But when no changes came, she went to the one thing she knew she ate every day. Cheese. After getting rid of that, and it working, she took that info back to the doctor and all they had to say was, "Oh yeah, humans are the only mammals that continue drinking milk after the first few years of life."

Needless to say she doesn't see that doctor anymore.

If you think you have an intolerance to dairy, chances are you do, it only depends on the magnitude of it and if it's something you're willing/needing to change in your diet.