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Is Homesteading Right For You?

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The view from my homestead the year I bought it

Our world has changed so much in such a small amount of time. It truly is crazy. Growing up, I never imagined I would own a farm, or be a gardener, or bake for a living. The last few years have shown us all what's really important to our happiness. Only one question remains, is Homesteading right for you?

When I started this homesteading journey I could barely grow green onions, let alone enough to feed my whole family. However, I lived in Portland, Oregon when Covid first came to be in the USA. During that time food security was practically ripped from our hands. Shelves were empty where there used to be piles of food. Violence was a slap on the wrist, but leaving your house in quarantine was a punishable offense. This time showed how much I hated being a city girl.

I've always been independent, having been raised by two small business owners I've learned to work for everything I have. And this time made me think, why am I not working for my food? Why aren't I learning skills that can create things I use daily? Why aren't I trying to be better to Earth so that the Earth will take better care of me?

The Pros of Homesteading