Two Day Office Refresh!

Hey there! I've been counting down the days to finally redo my office. Since I wasn't going home for Christmas I figured, now's the best time to get my workspace ready for the new year! While this will go in depth into the products and techniques I used, I also created a YouTube video that shows the whole process. I'll post that link here:

Below you'll see what I started with, this is one of the original photos from my house's Zillow listing, a great blank canvas for the moody entrepreneur vibe I wanted to create in this room.

Now I loved the dark fireplace, I enjoyed the contrast it brought to the room and decided to play off of that for the entirety of the space. It just needed a little refresh in color and have the color wrap around the exposed brick on the other wall. The mantel would stay the natural wood, whenever I have natural wood to work with I try to preserve it as much as I can.

I decided the closet would make a great space to hold all of my packaging supplies and merch from the original logo with space to grow in the future with whatever I may add to the brand. Which, while I'm writing this in 2021, I am very hopeful for the new heights T&C will reach in 2022. I'll delve deeper into that in later posts.

Now for my workspace I had a list of must-have's:

  • A great desk space to do any and all office work (video editing, planning, writing, etc.)

  • A space for all my packaging and product outside of the bakery

  • A place for calendars so I can keep track of all future events and content plans

  • An overall calming environment so I can reach my full potential as a business owner

To do this, and all on a tight budget, I tried to find products that were going to last me a long time without breaking the bank. A lot of this refresh I used what I already had from either past projects or from my old apartment that I moved into the space to reutilize it. There were a few things I needed to complete this though:


To accomplish this I used a combo of Behr Ultra Interior and Behr Premium Plus Interior. I've found that this brand has really great coverage. I can usually get away with one or two coats to do a whole wall. While I have a color scheme for the whole house, I chose only three of the five colors to complete this look. Those colors are:

- Pebble Cream

- Carbon Copy

- Sweet Pastel

I also used some craft paint for an accent wall. I went with a metallic gold paint by DecoArt called Dazzling Metallic in

the color Glorious Gold.


Now every project needs some supplies, this is everything I used:

  • Paint (listed above)

  • Paint Supplies, I used a simple kit like this one to get the job done

  • Painter's Tape (I used this brand, works great)

  • Stir Sticks

  • Power Drill or Screwdriver

  • Coat Hooks (These hooks are the exact ones I used)

  • Tacks (for photo hanging, of whatever you'd like to use for this)

  • Spackle

  • Caulk (if you have difficult windows like me)

  • A patient and can-do attitude

My Accent Wall Dry Brush Texture

The Walls

First step to completing any room refresh are the walls. For the base wall color I used Pebble Cream, it's the neutral cream color that I also used in my kitchen.

For the trim and fireplace I used Carbon Copy. This is not quite black, it's more of a charcoal grey and has a satin finish to it so it adds a bit of a shine when everything else has an eggshell finish. This helps with the contrast and overall look of the room.

For the accent wall I used Pebble Cream as a base. Sweet Pastel was the mid-tone shade. I tinted Sweet Pastel with Glorious Gold to get the darker shade, than took the tinted shade and added Pebble Cream to it to get the lighter baby pink shade. Overall, the accent wall had three shades of pink over the cream base, and I just used a dry-brushing technique to add the texture in. I took the design three quarters up the wall so I could add a gallery and not have the texture take away from it. This was a time consuming process but since you're dry brushing all the pink shades on, they dry a lot faster. It added just enough of an accent to really elevate the space and I love it.

Accent Wall With Gallery Wall

The Fireplace

Now this is a decommissioned fireplace, it was bricked up to disconnect it from its other half in the living room. That's right, originally this was a two-way fire place. Now the other side was reconstructed into a wood burning fireplace while this was just bricked up. So, in order to add to the look and be able to heat the room in the winter, I bought this electric fireplace from Walmart. It cost around $100, and for what it is, I love it. (This one is very similar to the one I bought)

The bricks were originally black, and I knew that if I repainted it all grey it would look too flat, so I kept the black in the cracks of everything and just did one quick coat over the tops of the bricks. I continued this color around the corner as well. And brought the color up onto the cream walls the create a very moody focal point. With this opposite of the accent wall, it creates this moody/glam feel for the room, and makes whatever photos I put on the mantel stand out. The mantel itself is this large natural wood shelf and I love natural woods and natural textures in homes and life. Originally, I would going to try and strip the paint to have it all its natural red, but once bricks are painted it's really, really hard to strip them. So I made sure to protect the natural wood mantel.

My Printer Corner, with plants, motivational quotes, and a nice view

The Windows

This brought a hiccup to my room makeover. Here, I thought I would just be slapping on some paint and curtains and call it good. But when you live in a hundred year old home, no renovation project is ever "easy". When I was spackling holes along the wall and curtain rod I found that the tops of the windows had a 1-2 cm gap between the window and the frame. Meaning, I could see straight out to the property and feel that cold winter air full force. Great...

So, what started as preparing the window trim for paint, turned into completely sealing them. I used a waterproof, fast drying version so that way no moisture would mess it up in the future. Not sure if you know this, but Tennessee actually gets more rain than Oregon.

Once they were sealed... I let it dry overnight just to be safe before I painted the trim. For the curtain hooks I actually used Black Hairpin Wire Coat Hooks. I got them from Home Depot, they were maybe four dollars each, and I just screwed them in sideways. Now they work perfectly to hold the curtains back without needing fancy fastenings!

The Closet

For this, I decided to turn it into a packaging station. I had the tree-tier wire rack that I was going to use in the kitchen, but decided it would work a lot better in here to hold my stickers, macaron boxes, and mini bakery boxes. My mailers fit right next to the shelves to create a nicely organized station. On the other side I hung up all my old merch from the original logo. The Oregon Logo I like to call it.

This space offers a lot of potential for growth. I could always add more shelves in the future and put everything in baskets and such. Of create a whole merch station on the other side if I ever decide to grow my merch.

For now, I didn't want to add too much into a space when I wanted it to be able to evolve as the business evolves. And of course I had to give Mel her favorite spot back.


Now these can completely change a space. The one in the room before was old, dirty glass that hugged the ceiling. I wanted something that would add to the environment and warm the space up a lot. It all felt a bit too clerical before, stark white walls, the old chandelier, it felt almost sterile. So, I switched it out for this chandelier I found at Home Depot. I couldn't

find it on their site so I included an Amazon link.