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It's Egg Laying Season! Whatever I don't use at T&C for baking or personal eating, I try to share with the surrounding community. You can either order one carton at a time or subscribe to automatically receive a full dozen every month.


During this times when egg prices are through the roof I decided not to raise my own prices to follow inflation. These eggs are the exact same price as last year, because I just don't want to waste them.


It's $10 for every carton of 6 eggs.

It's $20 for the subscription to automatically receive 12 eggs every month


**This product is only available for pickup or delivery in the surrounding areas of Knoxville Tennessee. No shipping of eggs this year because I am not experienced with it and I would hate to have anyone receive cracked eggs in the mail.

Farm Fresh Duck Eggs

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  • These eggs come washed and ready to be refrigerated!

    Duck eggs are naturally larger and double the nutrition of chicken eggs, so they will taste a bit richer.

    Texture-wise, they'll be a bit fluffier and drier than what you may be used to, and there's extremely low levels of sodium inside each egg so be prepared to add a little extra salt for taste.

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