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Here at T&C we believe in simple ingredients, grown right here in the USA. All fruits used in any tea blend are sourced from local farms in East Tennessee. When you receive a bag of T&C Herbal Tea, you'll know not only that your tea is 100% American made, but was made in small batches with you in mind.


Each Herbal Tea Flavor is made with ingredients grown in the Tea Gardens on my small urban farm, so inventory is incredibly limited. Usually tea flavors sell out by the end of the month. I will post here the new flavor, and add a photo of the bag and blend. As well as send emails for new flavor updates so make sure to sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know.


**Each bag makes about 10-12 cups of tea depending on your preferred strength of flavor. Since ingredients are air dried, grown fresh and locally, my tea blends tend to be on the stronger side of flavors.

Seasonal Herbal Tea

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