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T&C Bakery Shop

I run a home-based bakery in Knoxville, TN. While I don't ship any of my desserts, I am happy to deliver locally!

During holidays and special events I'll have products available to order online. Outside of those times I am open to doing special orders or you are welcome to come to any of my pop-ups to shop in person.

Image by Danila Perevoshchikov

T&C's 4th Anniversary

T&C is growing. This has honestly been long overdue, but I'm excited to embark on this next journey with you! If you would like to know all the details behind this change, I wrote a blog post explaining everything.

Online Pop Up:
For T&C's Anniversary, I while be slow launching new products all month.
Pickups will be
April 10th & April 24th at Commonplace Coffee from 4-7pm, this seemed to workout well the last time so I'll try it again. When you place your orders please mark in the notes section which pickup date you want. I will also have two events in April with a similar menu so you are welcome to check those out too!

Thank you all for four years of T&C, I feel humbled and honored that this brand has had the opportunity to grow over these years and become something truly amazing.

Bee Sweet

Bee Well

Thank You To All My Customers Who Have Left Reviews

Carrie E, TN

"Always so delish! I look forward to each month to see what's new, never disappointed"

Marley, TN

"This was such an amazing option for gluten free and vegan, the cinnamon rolls reminded me so much of the cinnamon bread from Dollywood."

Brie R, OR

"Heavenly! Gluten Free & Vegan Birthday Cake Scones, they were amazing!"

Audra W, TN

"We first tried treats we bought at the farmers market and LOVED them. Recently we ordered a Thanksgiving cake and it was so delicious. Highly recommend!"

Sarah, TN

"Love, Love, Love! Some of the best brownies I've ever had, Dairy & Gluten Free too!"
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