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Located in Knoxville, TN

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What You Can Find At T&C

As a small business we strive to create an ultimate farm-to-table experience!

Enjoy the benefits of organic ingredients, handmade products, and become a part of a growing family here in East Tennessee.


Locally Grown Ingredients

Every year we're expanding further into home grown produce, flowers, eggs, etc.

The farm produces herbal teas, fresh foods and flowers every year as we steadily grow from our urban acre farm into a dream farm experience.


Allergy Friendly Desserts

The Bakery is a cottage bakery right on the farm, producing dairy and gluten free products weekly. You can find T&C desserts at local pop-ups, farmers markets, wholesale partners, and more! Or you can always create your perfect dessert box online and ship it anywhere in the US. 


A Growing Farm Experience

The Ducks on the farm are always battling it out for the spotlight, what started as a small flock to produce eggs continues to grow yearly. Duck eggs are used in all baked goods that aren't vegan, and extra eggs are sold by the half-dozens!

Hi There!

My name is Bailey Cooper

I'm on a mission to create a business and lifestyle that builds sustainability for myself and the community around me. From farm-to-table ingredients, homegrown products, and creating a stronger connection with the nature around us.

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