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Reflections and Goal Setting for 2022

Welcome to the Member's Only T&C Blog! This last year has been a huge year for myself and for Treats & Chill. Farmer's market season is always my favorite and was a huge growth year back in Oregon. I was so grateful for the support in Oregon, it was only because of everyone's support that I was able to get closer to my dream and move across the country to my mini-farm.


Oregon Farmer's Market Days

2021 was a life changing year, more so than 2020. My business grew, I was able to really zero in on the dreams I had for the Treats & Chill brand, I bought my first home, and moved from Oregon to Tennessee! That's some crazy stuff.

Goals For 2022

For the upcoming year I have been struggling with what goals I want to put in place. Part of me wants to go big or go home, and another part wants to play it safe with very attainable goals. So I've tried to do a mixture.

  • Take more pictures

My mind has definitely gone through some struggles in the last ten years, resurfacing in the last four and bringing things into focus that I need to work on.

One of those things is my memory isn't as good as it used to be. I've become a very "out of sight, out of mind" person. So I love taking photos of everything now. I want to remember all the little things about life, and remember myself during those times.

I've always been in front of the camera as the eldest child, but I get pretty awful stage fright as well. YouTube is helping me tackle that for sure.

  • Build my farm

I am finally on my mini-farm in Tennessee! I've been doing lots of work inside the 1925 farmhouse during the winter, but Tennessee is having a strangely warm winter. So I'm looking to start working on the property itself in January.

First thing on the to-do list is the fenced back yard. I'll be creating a Kitchen Garden from recycled materials already on the property, and setting up a coop/run for chickens and ducks! From there it'll be moving on to the Market Garden and Mini-Orchard.

  • Get a dog

I. Really. Want. A. Dog.

However, whenever I impulsively want to go to the shelter and pick out a furbaby, I know that whatever dog I get needs to be good around cats, chickens, farm animals, and a generally good farm dog.

So, yeah. I'm waiting until chickens and ducks are established on the farm before I go looking for puppies to join my farm family. Mel will most likely put the dog in their place, it's the baby ducks I'm concerned about.

  • Start my Monthly Dessert Boxes

This is something I'm incredibly excited about. I've always thought about ways to develop and grow Treats & Chill into the dream business I want.

Eventually I want T&C to become a farm-to-table café where people can come and eat, drink coffee and teas, and explore the gardens where all my ingredients come from. I want to teach sustainability and show everyone that growing your own food and taking care of your body is

doable for everybody.

So to start working towards that goal, I've created monthly boxes to give everyone desserts that are good for the soul and body. Allergy friendly, organic, and straight from the mini-farm. As my gardens get established, I hope to create teas and herb blends and other products as well. Everything in each box will feature products from either here at the farm or other handmade small businesses here in Knoxville. Supporting each other is so important to success, and I want to make sure that value is reflected in my business designs.


2022 is going to be a great year. We've struggled for the last two years in this pandemic, and it's time to take our lives back.

I feel so blessed to finally be in the city I want to grow my business and my life in. There are so many opportunities in the future, but I wouldn't have any of it without my family, or my customers who believe in my dream.

So, let's look forward to what this year has to come! I can't wait to develop Treats & Chill into my dream, accomplish my goals, and build the life I want. My goal for the monthly boxes is to reach 100 subscriptions by the end of 2022. Leave a comment below and let me know what your goals are for the new year. And lastly, thank you for subscribing!

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